Pregnant by my Teacher :Rewritten(UNDER EDITING)

Pregnant by my Teacher :Rewritten(UNDER EDITING)

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#Wattys 2016
The Rewrite of Pregnant by my Teacher. This version is more detailed and longer chapters. Also with some adjustments.

I advice you to read Pregnant by my Teacher first so that you see the changes and new things. 

I ask that you don't leave unnecessary comments and if you feel the need please do it in the original version. I read these comments and try to improve on the story. If it's a new nice comment then please comment on this book. 

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Meccababes Meccababes Apr 30
I think you did a good job and dont let these people get to you
liambear123 liambear123 Nov 13, 2016
I really liked your first books u wrote  don't let anyone tell you what to do with your stories they are good I rely LOVED them
doggygirl2 doggygirl2 Aug 04, 2016
Every time o read her name I think of Meg on family guy and it's starting to get bad
hannah82198 hannah82198 Feb 23, 2016
Omg this girl doesn't make good life choices. First going home with a guy when she's drunk and then accepting medicine from him
loriejade98 loriejade98 Aug 30, 2015
You go x I thought u wrote the first book well I really enjoyed it x
_Julie_Baby_ _Julie_Baby_ Aug 03, 2015
Can u write a follow up book on their new life cause I really enjoyed ur first book