In love with life #Book1

In love with life #Book1

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 "Sir, it's time, we need to get moving." Mrs. Sinha snapped me from my trance.

"You move on Mrs. Sinha, I'll take some time alone." I said as I kept looking at what I'm looking.

"Okay sir." She said, I didn't bother to look away from it. Afraid that whatever is playing in front of me would vanish.

"I'll catch up with you guys later." With that it walked away. 


I wanted to yell but I didn't. Something is definitely wrong with me. I wonder why, but my feet automatically moved in her direction.


Meet Anand Bhatia, a sinfully handsome billionaire, known for his hot head. He has everything in life but still there's a void in his heart.

Meet Akshaya, a strong, indipendent and modern women, who can charm the entire world with her huge smile and her kind heart.

Is money the answer for everything in life? doesn't happiness count anything in life?

Know more when you read.

Welcome to in love with life........

A story which makes you think.......

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vishali1997 vishali1997 Aug 01, 2016
Every crazy boy can stare cute girl, because cute girls fill hearts than beautiful girls ;)
vishali1997 vishali1997 Aug 01, 2016
The way of creative sentences in simple language is nice. 
                              'WINGS OF FIRE' One of my fav. book written by greatest person A.P.J.ABDULKALAM GARU.. :)
                              Supportive children's to mom..:) <3 explanation is awesome.. :)
zam0731 zam0731 May 08, 2016
A gd strt....or shld i say a typical indian gd stt..anyways i liked it..kip gng
LazyInMyPJs LazyInMyPJs Nov 09, 2015
More! I loved it SO MUCH but you stopped it!!! MOOOOOOORE....!
LazyInMyPJs LazyInMyPJs Nov 09, 2015
Good book so far! But it wouldn't kill the mother if she'd at least get out of the car and see if he was okay, rather then locking herself in from all the troubles do that will soon afoot her.
LazyInMyPJs LazyInMyPJs Nov 09, 2015
Umm... I just scrolled down to the end and saw this. I don't know if I like "him". One sec!