The Bad Boys Chase. {On Hold}

The Bad Boys Chase. {On Hold}

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That is how I would describe my school.
Complete up until the cliche cliques.
We have: The nerds, the populars, the jocks, the punks and the nobody's.

And guess which one I am.

No. I'm not a nerd but I'm definitely not popular.
Nope. I'm not a jock or a punk either.
I, Lacey Chain am a nobody.

But I can't change that, unfortunately.
So all there is left to do is live my life to the cliche way it was written.

But maybe, maybe my cliche story has a little twist.


This is the story of how the bad boy found his prey and begun his chase.


This book is only on hold so I can write heaps of chapters and start to get the story really moving. More will be coming soon :)

Laura62842 Laura62842 Aug 20, 2016
LOVE the description!! I've had this story in my library for awhile but the description got me hooked.
pixybell pixybell Jul 02, 2016
Its cliché that this book started out with the main character saying her school was a cliche