Meeting again Valdangelo/Leico

Meeting again Valdangelo/Leico

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Part 1
I ran away again. Well technically I got lost so I went around myself. See we were on a field trip to New York. Big place I gotta tell ya. Anyway we were in New York and we were looking at some building and I was trying to look at the structure of the building when everyone else walked off. 
So here I am standing breathless in some old alleyway.

I sat down trying to catch my breath when I heard a shuffling noise further down the alleyway. Now if coach hedge were here he would hit me over the head and tell me to leave it alone. But hey I'm a curious kid. The ADHD doesn't help either. 
So I went further down the alleyway. The shuffling had stopped but I knew were it was coming from. I stopped and turned. There he was. A small boy not that much younger than me crouched down behind the trash cans. I took a step toward him and he looked up. His hair was a mess and there was dirt on his face. He looked shattered. I heard him curse silently

Before I could stop myself I said, "Was tha...

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Baby bat wings. I love this already and I'm not even on chapter two.
His name is actually Leonidas, its in the trials of Apollo book 2
Kay I just came here to say that this ship needs to sink harder then the Titanic
I hate my life now I want to read this *sigh* I'll give it a try
Nicolover1101 Nicolover1101 Mar 01, 2016
Lol I never thought of that! When you really think about it his hair does look like baby bat wings!
i'm american and i can agree that we're confusing with almost everything in my opinion.