Meeting again Valdangelo/Leico

Meeting again Valdangelo/Leico

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Part 1
I ran away again. Well technically I got lost so I went around myself. See we were on a field trip to New York. Big place I gotta tell ya. Anyway we were in New York and we were looking at some building and I was trying to look at the structure of the building when everyone else walked off. 
So here I am standing breathless in some old alleyway.

I sat down trying to catch my breath when I heard a shuffling noise further down the alleyway. Now if coach hedge were here he would hit me over the head and tell me to leave it alone. But hey I'm a curious kid. The ADHD doesn't help either. 
So I went further down the alleyway. The shuffling had stopped but I knew were it was coming from. I stopped and turned. There he was. A small boy not that much younger than me crouched down behind the trash cans. I took a step toward him and he looked up. His hair was a mess and there was dirt on his face. He looked shattered. I heard him curse silently

Before I could stop myself I said, "Was tha...

minyoongihoe minyoongihoe Jun 29, 2016
By the way this wasn't meant in a homophobic way he was just curious (and happy bc yes more gay ships) whoops haha
snakitten snakitten Jul 21, 2016
XD there all crazy and funny! Aphrodite is like my grandmother all ways playing match maker.
Nicolover1101 Nicolover1101 Mar 01, 2016
You just got sassed by my dad! POSEIDON AND HIS CHILDREN RULZ!!!!!
Nicolover1101 Nicolover1101 Mar 01, 2016
Lol I never thought of that! When you really think about it his hair does look like baby bat wings!
PandaQueen010203 PandaQueen010203 Dec 11, 2016
That almost happened to me in downtown Chicago during a field trip last month
                              But I live in Chicago so I just walked myself to the next building 
                              And if I was really lost I could've walked to the EL train
Lahewes Lahewes Jul 26, 2016
I thought Leo was half Mexican, not Spanish. Or maybe I have been wrong all this time lol