Whatever It Takes...( Ziall, Narry, Niam, Nouis)

Whatever It Takes...( Ziall, Narry, Niam, Nouis)

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Mrs. Horan Malik By Lovelystyles23 Completed

Niall Horan second youngest band member of one direction, but they treat him, like he's the youngest one. Why are the guys so overprotective over him? 

Just one thing for sure, it's that they would do whatever it takes to have Niall by their side. 
Contains Ziall, Narry, Niam, Nouis. 

Short Story coming soon 10-25 chapters 

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Omg! I love this, and I can't even understand it at all. I speak Spanish  :v
Um... I just need the location and she will be 9999999999ft under ground in .1 seconds 👌😎
Any one else mentally sing    "Running round leaving scars.." 🙋🏼
Which private beach is that?*takes out a piece of paper and pen*
🙄😒This bitch is about to catch these hands👊👊🤕😑👌😎
Aestheticfxndoms Aestheticfxndoms Aug 03, 2015
                              *looks in my pockets* 
                              I LOST MY FÜCKS TO GIVE!1!1!1!1!