To Live Again: In her Hands {Lord of the Rings / Thranduil fanfic}

To Live Again: In her Hands {Lord of the Rings / Thranduil fanfic}

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CJ_Callahan By CJ_Callahan Updated Sep 30, 2017

She fell into his life at a time when he thought he was dying. Like a fallen star that burns boldly and without remorse. Illuminating his whole world, forcing him to wake up, when all he wanted to do was hide. How can this strange little elleth, with her bizarre habits, strange speech, and captivating spirit, ensnare an age old Prince...she has nothing he needs...and yet, she has everything he wants.

A request made by Raider -k, my fabulously talented writer chum, has led to this endeavour.

This is for started this, now I will finish it!

Short chapters made in Thranduil's POV, from the events happening in the main story. You'll need to read "To Live Again," to understand his reactions and the plot.

Cover Design by the ever talented SineadRobyn

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OnyxWritter OnyxWritter Aug 22, 2017
OMG!!!! Happy tears!!! This series is absolutely beautiful and my all time favorite!!! I just love how you made these phenomenal characters relate and connect in more ways than one. I LOVE IT!!!!!
hobbitwithabowtie hobbitwithabowtie Aug 02, 2017
Oh wow Thranduil's character development... I forgot how much he changed since the first book
hobbitwithabowtie hobbitwithabowtie Aug 02, 2017
okay i have no idea what's going on i'll have to re-read the first one and come back 😅
princesswithashotgun princesswithashotgun Mar 18, 2016
After all these years of being ignored entirely, I doubt Calanon is surprised.
XUnfinishedXSentencX XUnfinishedXSentencX Jan 02, 2016
I am so excited to read this what his pov on everything was!!!
Qeani-N Qeani-N Dec 01, 2015
This is wonderful. So this is how Thranduil's little, big, mind works. I love it!!