Magcon's New Girl ♡ (major editing)

Magcon's New Girl ♡ (major editing)

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—princess adela❥ By latinaxprincess Completed

Highest Ranking Book at #16 In Fan-Fiction on January 10, 2017 -Wattpad 
WARNING: many chapters to make you laugh, cry, snort, chuckle, fart, and shit bricks(:

 -also, this is a book series

 This isn't some typical fan-fiction book where the girl with talent gets asked to join Magcon, falls head over heels with one of the guys, start a future and get married.

  Oh no, this book is far from that.

 Meet, Adela Hernandez, your average girl who doesn't seem like the rest of the teenagers around her, she's tiny. Adela happens own a Vine account, no surprise, with over thousands of follows, gaining chunks and chunks and days go by. Adela is known for not showing her face, mostly lips and other features.

 So, what happens when the guys decided to invite her over to Magcon and join?

 Adela's life at home is unexplainable. The past and now make a huge conflict on the guys, feeling pity or upset about her situation of the stable home, including her childhood that a kid should have had. It's gotten so far after joining Magcon, her past comes back to haunt her, having Cameron take her under his wing now as parent.

 Will accept the help or turn her back?

 Or will Adela mean something truly special to each and one them?

Because their lives has most definitely changed

(please) read and find out♡

 - Guys, I'm sorry if the book sucks towards the beginning but I'm actually at the moment of editing the whole thing.
 I'm a very sarcastic person so just imagine the hilarious moments that will be in this book(: 


book cover series made by: me -latinaxprincess

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zsloes zsloes Aug 20
I really dont understand why you Americans use feet instead of meter. It is much more simpler
How can you just read their comments and be so freaking calm
why not like white Jordan's,  like 11 or 12 my favorites lmao 😂
13 turning 14 in 3 months and i'm 5'2" (with some attitude) ok, no.
hoeybookzz hoeybookzz Jul 27
Her mom leaves her 300$ to spend fur a week but she dosent have a car.... Wow