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Beauty and the Nerd

Beauty and the Nerd

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Kourtney By keys15 Updated Jan 06

Beauty: the one and only Kassandra Grand aka Kassie.  5'4, great smile, golden hair made from the gods, brown eyes, slim athletic body, and glowing confidence.  
  Status: popular  
  Grade: Sophomore  
  Relationship: douche-bag Brandon Walker  
  Nerd: Peter Hanlin aka Peter Wiener  ( given by genius Douche-bag all because it rhymes).  5'9, square glasses, acne on forehead, black brown hair, green eyes, and gangly with no body hair also known as man hair (as his brother likes to call it) and definitely not glowing with confidence.   
  Status: ignored by most, geek  
  Grade: Sophomore  
  Relationship: forever alone                                                                    
  High school is a blessed time for some but not for Peter Hanlin.  Between his school work and fawning over the Kassie Grand, how could he not be popular right?  This is Peter's nerdy high school story.  Will he get the girl and change how people veiw him?

You kiss her! You kiss her so hard that your tongue gets stuck in her braces💏
LadyCookiez LadyCookiez Mar 24, 2016
I tripped over air before, I also fell down the stairs... 10 times, tripped for no reason, tripped wearing heels, tripped in front of the class, on stage, and etc. So look at it this way buddy, you are not as clumsy as me
jorader16 jorader16 Mar 03
Can I tell u a correction? cuz idk if it'll seem wrong of me
AFreshNewStart AFreshNewStart Dec 26, 2015
My name is Judy and I might get them and I have brown hair but not to my hip
keys15 keys15 Jul 28, 2014
That doesn't make sense, I'm sorry for my mistakes but if you are going to correct it, please be right. @SamBoo086
imlittlemisspickles imlittlemisspickles Apr 17, 2014
I know right that's the problem with school seriously they make up go then the expect to work?