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The Child Of Olympus DISCONTINUED

The Child Of Olympus DISCONTINUED

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Star By S-StarNix Updated Feb 28

What would happen if Sally died when Percy was six?
What would happen if Poseidon decided to raise him on Olympus?
How will this change the story?

Percy Jackson, started to get attacked when he was four years old. When he was six years old, his mother got killed the Minotaur, who Percy killed later, but it was to late, the deed was done. His mother Sally Jackson was dead. Seeing this, Poseidon went against ancient laws, and convicted the other Olympians to do the same and raise the young half-blood on Olympus. The Olympians  were him teachers, teaching how to fight so one day he could fight along, with the gods. When the time came.

Percabeth4eva001 Percabeth4eva001 Aug 17, 2016
Thus reminds me of a toy turtle I had, daddy turtle, I would give him to my dad to take your work  (don't judge I was like 4-5)
LyraHarper LyraHarper Oct 29, 2015
Wow! These kids don't know anything about mythology! I knew this stuff when I was 3!
genevarichardson genevarichardson Aug 01, 2015
Ahhh.........this all makes sense to me!  Forgot all my mythology :-)  Very clever spinning of an age old tale!
genevarichardson genevarichardson Aug 01, 2015
You built really good suspense with this story.  You also set a very good background that really sets the tone and the mood of this story. did the man and dog have magical powers that allowed them to keep up with a car driving fast?  Will there be a sequel?