Plot Twist

Plot Twist

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chattycupcake By chattycupcake Updated Sep 12

You know what's worse than waking up in a fictional book? 

Waking up in a fictional book that happens to be a shitty, cliche werewolf wattpad novel. And for sixteen-year-old Calypso Bramer, she's not about to waste this once in a lifetime experience sitting back and watching things go as planned in this cringe-worthy-cliche plotline. 

Luckily, she's not even the main character of this bad hairdo, and she's free to dedicate all her time to screwing up this stereotypical plot line as much as possible without some possessive alpha werewolf on her tail. 

Or so she thinks - because, really, what kind of cliche werewolf novel would this be if she didn't have her own mate to worry about?

One thing's for sure. This predictable story-line is about to get one hell of a plot twist. 

- I dedicate this to all those Wattpadians out there tired of pure white wolves with amazing powers, main characters making stupid decisions without someone smacking them over the head, and asshole alpha mates with half a brain. -

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Wait angst? As in fear? Cause in my language angst literally means fear
I'm not even gonna continue that sentence because let's face it we all know where it was going
I haven't even read the book yet and I already know I needed this
KumaBabble KumaBabble Jul 27
And somehow always totally hot and always gets the bad boy because she's "herself"
I was in a play and I was a flower. More specifically violet #2. Impressive right?
I am rereading because I found the book after like half year.