Be With You

Be With You

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Vania Banks By monroeirb Updated Jul 21, 2017

The first book of the With You series ...

There's three sides to every story. 
She believes she doesn't need anyone. 
He believes he needs someone. 

The truth is, they both need each other. Laila Sueler , an aspiring surgeon, and Shawn Nichols, the young business owner, meet at the worst time possible. Both overwhelmed with different aspects of their lives. Neither of them have the time for anything casual. But what transpires when a budding friendship turns out to be a budding relationship? Will they be able to make it even though they are so different? Or will their trust issues get in the way?


  • babies
  • family
  • love
  • romance
  • trust
guilloche guilloche Sep 23, 2015
great start. it quite catching. 
                              maybe you should separate the paragraph a bit more, you should also pass through it again and fix some grammar and missing comas.... not a grammar Nazi but I feel that with it your story will be even better.
                              all and all, great job.
SilentWarrior19 SilentWarrior19 Sep 23, 2015
freaky... what a creep... Good job btw. I can totally relate to the need for dancing.
dreamergy dreamergy Sep 22, 2015
Your writing flows smoothly and I like that your character is very realistic with an amazing wit. Good job :)
-artwork -artwork Sep 22, 2015
i like how this story begins. your writing style is very nice its like i'm literally reading her thoughts. 
                              maybe you could space out your paragraphs, but other then that i really like this chapter:)
roseinherhair roseinherhair Sep 22, 2015
This was really intense. At first I thought he wasn't THAT bad of a guy but boy was I caught off guard. I feel like punching him where the sun doesn't shine
roseinherhair roseinherhair Sep 22, 2015
Oh wow, I like how although she is a little bit insecure about her image she makes herself feel better by thinking positive and adorning herself with the things she likes (aka Jimmy Choos)