Knight In Shining Armor

Knight In Shining Armor

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First there is, Grace Flemmings a quiet girl who hides her wild personality behind a bunch of boring books. 

Then there's the latter, Jake Christian with his model good looks, athletic body and the most cunning smile in the world. 

After one chaotic double date, they just can't seem to have enough of each other.

I mean that I haven't seen anyone writing it in her/his book 😳
I really like this detail! I have never seen it before yet it's totalt treu hahaha
Well duh bcuz fictional people are way cooler than real people and the guys are always soo hot
solacing solacing Feb 19
Ohh, this could get interesting. I'm definitely curious about how the double date will go... Not well, I presume ;D good start, though it was a little unconventional to begin it with the character introducing themselves to the audience. That's just my opinion though!
I enjoyed reading his chapter. Be careful with run-ons & adding unnecessary detail.
lol for some reason i actually really like the Pythagorean Theorem, especially the converse of it