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The Nerd and The Jock (not a typical love story)

The Nerd and The Jock (not a typical love story)

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XxWolfWaterxX By XxWolfWaterxX Updated Mar 30, 2017

We've all heard of a popular jock who rejects a nerd, but in the end falls in love with her. But what if this time it wasn't the nerd's heart that was broken. What if nerd refuses to love the jock?

Gwen Wilson has always been a nerd. She's not particularly pretty or funny or sexy. She's just smart. Gwen has no problems being a geek with only a small, trustworthy group of friends though most girls her age would never be caught dead anywhere near the kind of people she likes. Gwen and her friends call themselves the Rejects, because they're the no bodies' and losers' of the school.

Matt Hart has been away at an Elite school since the start of high school. He's always been a sports star, never been much a partying type but you never guess it if you met him, and a heart throb for every girl that sees him. Matt makes the decision to transfer to a public school for his senior year, but finds more than he bargains for at Seaford Heights.

Matt spots Gwen sitting under a tree in the courtyard writing in her notebook and is instantly captivated by her. So when he goes to introduce himself and woo this interesting nerd, he is shocked when she immediately shrugs him off. Matt watches her from a distance and can't help the pull he feels. The more she pushes him away the more he craves her love.

Will Matt ever win Gwen's affection? Who knows. But one thing's for sure, this isn't a typical love story.