Ryo: Naruto's Older Brother | BOOK I

Ryo: Naruto's Older Brother | BOOK I

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*****Orochimaru's Curse*****
Insanity reminds me of an assassin... It's quiet, deadly, and sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

Insanity also reminds me of a disease, it's easy to gain, but not so easy to get rid of. 

Insanity is a silent killer, it's brings down you, your friends, family, and comrades. It truly is a fearsome opponent.

Ryo was only 9 years old when the Kyuubi attacked Konoha. After a long, grueling battle, The Fourth Hokage and his Wife were found dead, their eldest son left to mourn. 
After 1 year of looking after his infant brother, Ryo leaves Konoha for a training journey, promising to return after a couple years. 
When Ryo returns, his relationship with his brother is terrible, but both brothers want... No, need this bond. Both brothers, desperately trying to form a bond of brothers, before their lives, and the shinobi world, pull them apart once again...

My descriptions suck I know...
-possibly vearing off original plot 
-Contains no Yaoi or Lemon: any love will be appropriate for people 10+
-There will be very minor cursing:

That's pretty much it, any other warnings will be mentioned in book as plot continues

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For their loved ones, the village, and most of all, their sons'
- - Oct 10, 2016
Just a random quote ~Life asked death, “why do people love me but hate you?”, death responded, “because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.”~
Dark_Phantomhive Dark_Phantomhive Jan 29, 2016
...*hugs Ryo* forget the rules and cry...no one will blame you
tomboy_100 tomboy_100 May 18, 2016
I know this is a sad seen but...
                              *chibi tobi outu no where*
                              Tobi is a good boy to!
Actuall_Trashh Actuall_Trashh Dec 08, 2016
Shouldn't it be six teen years a morin wolf is an adult? Because 7 years as a pup and 9 years as a teen equals 16...
_Hide_Kaneki_ _Hide_Kaneki_ Dec 23, 2015
* refuses to acknowledge the streaming tears *
                              Totally not crying over the saddest thing ever. 
                              ( bs. We all know that the author of Naruto made EVERY death sad so we cried. Even on the characters we hated or knew for one episode. )