Nights Without Arceus [3rd Place in Pokemon Wattpad Awards 2015]

Nights Without Arceus [3rd Place in Pokemon Wattpad Awards 2015]

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Arceus, the God of all Pokemon, has fallen. This tragic occurrence will commence the start of an ancient ritual taken place to find out which legendary will claim the title as the new God of the world. 

Nine legendaries of different typing will select a trainer to partner themselves with for the event. In exchange for their cooperation, trainers will be rewarded any wish that will be carried out by the legendary upon victory. To obtain this victory, the pairs must fight amongst each other until one stands above all the rest; that legendary will then become God and the trainer will receive their wish.

This is called the "God Wars."

Akira, a young adult from the outskirts of Twinleaf Town, is living in solitude while taking care of her elderly grandmother. Her life is thrown into chaos when a lesser legendary chooses her as a trainer for the God Wars. When the presence of her only family member is threatened by natural causes, she desires something that only Arceus can grant: life. 

The Wars will reveal a series of hardships: fates and destinies, pain and hatred, nightmares and dreams, family and love, allies and enemies-- victors and losers. 

Who of the nine pairs will become God and receive their biggest desire?

[Holy Grail Wars from Type-Moon] [Pokemon] [Won third place in the Miscellaneous category for the  Pokemon Wattpad awards]

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Alex from target is disguised as Steven,I know it,it might be Jake from State Farm though
To the death? So technically there's only one God Wars because there's only one legendary victor. The rest are dead...
KandaceDaigle KandaceDaigle Sep 11, 2016
Arceus is not wrong. Normal types have the largest movesets, at least from what I've seen. They are the most versatile typing.
azule- azule- Feb 11
Death? Well... *looks at cover* NO NO NO THEY'RE ALL MY FAVOURITES NO
azule- azule- Feb 11
I like to consider them all as equal, since my Brother is like STATS and I'm like CUTE.
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