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MJ Imagines (The Harmonies of the Heart)

MJ Imagines (The Harmonies of the Heart)

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Pisces4life By Pisces4life Updated Sep 13, 2016

So I have had quite a few story ideas, but I can't work them into any of my projects, so I have decided to  turn them into imagines! And because I am soooo appreciative of all of the dedication and feedback you guys have been giving me on my first fan fiction, I have decided to dedicate this book to Michael Jackson (you are welcome, Moonwalkers!). Some sections will be short, some will be long, some will have multiple parts, but I promise to try my best to keep you guys entertained! Each section will be from a different MJ era, and I will specify that in the title of each chapter. So read, enjoy, comment, vote, and you guys might just earn yourselves another book ;)
Disclaimer: I do not own any songs, celebrities, or movies referenced in this book.
Additional author's note: I will make an effort to provide imagines that are not usually written about. Requests are more than welcome, you can either privately message me about it or leave the description in the comments. However, it may take some time for me to work requests into the book, so please be patient, and I will notify you when your requested imagine has been uploaded.

BlueJean20 BlueJean20 Sep 09, 2016
I was really hoping she would snap at him, throw some nasty words at him and show him how much he really is worth, which is nothing.
MichaelIsInnocent MichaelIsInnocent Apr 21, 2016
My mom really does shave breast cancer for 4 years and 8 surgerys...sad isn't it?😭😭😭..and yes she is alive
Couplesretreat Couplesretreat Feb 20, 2016
one of the most accurate and most beautiful things Ive ever read about this man❤️
MJJ4evs MJJ4evs Feb 13, 2016
Oh my gosh! I started crying a few sentences after you said you were to. That is so true, all of it. This was really beautiful. 
                              *Rest in peace*~ my sweetheart M.J.
- - Mar 17, 2016
This is so beautiful! I've never read anything so detailed before. This piece of work put me on a crying shutdown mode.
                              Well done, hunny. 👏🏾❤️
m-ilan m-ilan Aug 16, 2016
I'm fanning my eyes like "Gurl, don't cry. It's too late for all that..."😭😂