The Real Him - Mini Series - Season 1-3 》Derek Hale

The Real Him - Mini Series - Season 1-3 》Derek Hale

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Just a mini series of Vanessa and Derek through out Season 1 - 3  before The Real Him. When they met, when Vanessa finds out about mates, it's all in here! You can read this book before reading The Real Him.

*I do not own Teen Wolf besides Vanessa and her parts of the Story.

*Scenes created by me are All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2015 ©®

*May include appearances from The Flash. (I do not own him. DC Comics do)

Started: July 2015

Finished: September 2015

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Mini Series

The Real Him

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missourwolf missourwolf Jun 04
- - Nov 19
MAYA! My little baby girl as a Scott McCall twim is what I'm thinking right know. Maya as Scott's sister.
herewerock herewerock May 19, 2016
The mother was the tan one. The dad was pale. And scott was pale too
herewerock herewerock May 19, 2016
Yoi can smell things and hear someone talk on the phone 10 meters or so away from you and you arw calling him crazy??
Darkiplierlovergirl Darkiplierlovergirl Aug 23, 2016
Omg that isssssss not my name but I love the name. It's cool
NinjaofLight NinjaofLight May 19, 2016
I'll be pretty happy to have powers like a werewolf. Sounds like a lot of fun. ^_^
                              Ninja of Light Saga