Denmark x Shy Male Reader

Denmark x Shy Male Reader

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You just moved into your apartment room number 18, when you go in its at first quiet then you hear loud music next door you decided not to bother them.

After you put everything away, your neighbour was still playing their music. At first it didn't bother you but now it was getting annoying, you wanted to tell them to quiet down but the music stopped, then your heard a knock on the door, when you awnsered it you saw a tall male with wild blonde hair, he had a red button shirt on with a red pants, blue eyes, black boots, a long coat and a cute little black hat on him.

The male smiled at you and said.

"Hey there, I'm you neighbour!" He said with a big amile on his face.

You could tell he was a bit childish but he was cute as well. You smiled and nodded shyly at him, which caused him to chuckle.

"Hey why don't I come in?" he asked.

"U-um s-sure" you said shyly.

You stepped away and let him, he came in and sat down your couch, he easly got comfortable and smiled.

"So, what's your na...

*thinks* *thinks some more* *thinks Davie* *cries* *decides to be Gilbert cuz why not*
Most people wouldn't assume what that meant outa context anyway lol ^.^
The_Kawaii_Kitty The_Kawaii_Kitty Dec 01, 2015
*Drinking tea while reading and friend is right next to me.* See's last part.
                              *Spits tea on friend.*
                              "sorry friendo"
Galactic_Gardevoir Galactic_Gardevoir Nov 05, 2015
OMG XD finally someone who uses u's in words XD (I'm one of the few Americans that prefer the Canadian spelling)