Extinction Force: Contamination

Extinction Force: Contamination

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David Mark Brown By LostDMBFiles Completed

When terraforming, two things are inevitable. Mistakes and those who clean them.

In the dangerous business of terraforming, the Exploration and Extinction Force gets the job done. Despite toxic atmospheres, contagions, abominations in space, on land or at sea, Commander Otto Jaeger learned long ago the client is often the most dangerous foe. When Jaeger and his squad are hired to investigate a containment breach on Primal Instinct, a planet inhabited by dinosaurs, they must battle the elements as well as a client determined to eliminate loose ends.

Whether you need to scout a mysterious planet or reboot a terraforming project gone bad, in a space opera, it ain’t over until the Exploration and Extinction Force says it’s over.

JWCMaher JWCMaher Aug 18, 2017
That ripped along nicely! And now I need to know more about Yuan, and his damned light!
JWCMaher JWCMaher Aug 18, 2017
You had me at 'spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch.' And then it stayed awesome and funny the whole way through. Nice touch with the father/daughter connection!
- - Nov 18, 2015
But who is this Yuan guy? I'm reading on just to find that out ...
pantopicon pantopicon Aug 15, 2015
I can't tell you how much I appreciate how you deliver dialogue. I think it was Hemingway via Raymond Chandler or vice versa who advised this natural approach against appending "he said" to every goddamn statement.  So, so important.
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Jul 30, 2015
Thank you for the dedication on what looks like a great new series David. I love the moment of tranquility before the storm, and you've set up the characters neatly. Great start =]