A Look Into The Life Of Birdflash

A Look Into The Life Of Birdflash

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Danielle By SotheBalanceShifts Updated May 03, 2016

A look into the lives of one Dick Grayson and one Wally West. Basically a book of unrelated Birdflash one-shots since I had no where else to put them. 

Warning: Slash, Male x Male, Mentions of suggestive themes, Cursing, Alternate Universes, etc. etc.  

Paring: Richard Grayson/Wallace West (Birdflash) All trademarks and canonical characters used belong to their rightful owners

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kaodksosksc kaodksosksc Mar 22, 2016
Robin is about 13 in young justice.but you said two years older for Wally so 15 for Wally
- - Jun 22, 2016
Can you so femaleonshot of dick 
                              Dick or shLl say dixie:18 
                              Party in young justice 
                              And you may write the rest
UnicornTalesLol UnicornTalesLol Feb 09, 2016
That's one way to do it.
                              Sorry Wally. You spent the last couple of days practicing NOTHING.
                              Robin confesses like a pro, yo!
SotheBalanceShifts SotheBalanceShifts Oct 25, 2015
@Veve_Purple okay, I just put your prompt up!  @LovesLittleDove, I'm still work on yours so it will come up next Sunday! :)
LovesLittleDove LovesLittleDove Sep 27, 2015
Um... Can you make one where Robin is 13 and KF is 15, Robin has this adorable kitten sneeze and he sneezes in front of the team. The team kinda stares at him and Robin gets embarrassed, then KF just tackles him into a hug...... (You can decide what happens next)
SotheBalanceShifts SotheBalanceShifts Aug 31, 2015
@Veve_Purple Sorry it's taking so long to get your prompt done! I swear I'm working on it, I've just been caught up in back to school preparations a bit.