The Rejected Billionaire (boyxboy)

The Rejected Billionaire (boyxboy)

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MisSolstice By MisSolstice Updated Dec 04, 2016

Sidabras Dale was an ordinary person to everyone. In his early college years he was jus 5'8" in height and very scrawny. And in his college he was considered the weird sickly kid who was so clumsy sometimes he gets into too much trouble. But to his family he was a simple boy who wanted nothing more than to feel the same love and romantic story his parents did.

In his heart he knew that that one person is destined to him, and he didn't care weather it's a he or a she. All he cared about was how much the person would love him back. Just like in his favorite werewolf books.

But all of that changed when he discovered that in the world of shifters, fantasies do exist but seriously different from the books he's read about them and he had a mate, but that mate rejected him because he was weak. Too weak to be his Luna.

Heartbroken, Sida went into depression and almost lost his life if it weren't for his parents, the well known billionaire CEOs of Dalensons enterprise.

Read on to find out the rest.

LunaDragoneelS2 LunaDragoneelS2 Oct 26, 2016
😅😂😂😂 so me! I love how she just interrupted his thoughts at Dom and said How to train your dragon! For some reason I laughed so hard
Fangirl_Hype Fangirl_Hype May 31, 2016
Hey this isn't a negative comment but some feedback, some of your paragraphs are quite long. Some people do prefer them long some prefer a few long ones but mainly a majority of short paragraphs.. but I'm just being picky.
Just one, she's a werewolf and another surprise from the last name I'm guessing she's your mate's sister which you obviously don't know yet, since it seem to be a flash back.
sasunaru_4_life_ sasunaru_4_life_ Jul 28, 2016
Nah I hate bdsm I don't want to call some one I love sir or master
LovelyLady68 LovelyLady68 Jul 29, 2016
I thought this was a flash back.  Did I misunderstand?  I he was reject right after college.  Please help me to understand someone.
Sapphire061699 Sapphire061699 Apr 30, 2016
This sounds good but then I noticed it was a cliche of the typical plot: mate gets rejected, he/she turns into a badass, and mate wants him/her back. All that shows is that their mate didn't like them for who they were, but what they became. It sends the wrong message