His Penalties

His Penalties

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Miaad Fatima By MiaadFatima Updated Jul 27, 2017

" I only allowed you to have a decent conversation with me in your car ! "

After my another out-burst i find him dangerously clenching his jaw which causes his cheek bones and muscles to reflex in motion, in a seduction-ary motion i must say.
He is breathing slowly, maybe trying to calm himself down. 

Apparently i shutted my mouth.

" Well women as you have already assumed that i'm a stranger so why not show you how un-expectedly dangerous  'strangers' can be "

After completing his dreadful threat like sentence he winked at me while smirking. 

Oh God what have i done.

                       " His Penalties "
Written by : MiaadFatima

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socialtrash socialtrash Jun 08, 2017
this book hasn't been updated in a while I see, I'll be taking risk if I start lol
Crystalfang Crystalfang Jan 05
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing your description is like damn
ThePainKiller ThePainKiller Dec 13, 2016
I'm sorry I have to....-screeches- idky but when he says woman it's hot
MiaadFatima MiaadFatima Jul 26, 2016
Thank you UzairQureshi2 for your review. I'm happy receiving positive comments from all of you readers. Stay blessed ! And hope you'll love the second chapter which I'll post very very soon. :D
UzairQureshi2 UzairQureshi2 Jul 25, 2016
Girl the way its started is stunning u r damn good in describing the features waiting for the second chapter now *desprately*
liverpool3222 liverpool3222 Feb 03, 2017
This book doesnt make sense i dont understand. Like the first chapter should have idk more info i guess about her and the guy. Who he is blah blah blah. Instead of straight away getting in the car. Idk but i luv ur books