sasukexreader my maid

sasukexreader my maid

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yuki-chan senpai By Imsasukewaifu Completed

[Currently editing]

Yuki-chan here and I am editing the book due to its following flaws:
1. Its a cheesy book
2. Grammar and spelling issues
3.confusing plot
4.chapters that doesn't even support the  story. 
5. I know most of my readers got a head ache reading all that not well written story😂

For new readers I just wanna warn ya OK read at your own risk (that sounded like thus book is a hazard 😂)

[Old description]

You were just homeless until he made you his loyal maid.

[Now description]

I've known the Uchihas ever since I was assigned to be there loyal maid. Although I am not all just a maid. I'm a journalist investigator that wanted to continue my fathers case about these Uchihas. But it turned the wrong way when I got closer to know them or him.

Naaa I liked it how it was it doesn't matter about the grammar we know wat u meant to say 😁😁
I_Love_Barbecue_Pork I_Love_Barbecue_Pork Jan 14, 2016
It actually spells month and got not fot just saying and I love the story so far.