One Direction bsm

One Direction bsm

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larry_stylinson2017 By larry_stylinson2017 Updated Mar 27, 2016

*He finds out you cut*

Me and Niall have always been close, we told each other everything, maybe that's why he never suspected that I self harm. I've never told him, it would break him, or maybe he just wouldn't care. That's what scares me. What if he laughs at me, calls me stupid, says it's pointless. That's what scares me.

I'd had another bad day at school, with the bullying. Of course it had to be the slut of the school sophie (If that's your name I'm very sorry, change it to Chloe) She abused me today. Again. She does it at least twice a week, I can't get out of it. Or she'll do it worse. I ran into my room, dispite Niall's shouting, wondering why I had bruises all over my face. I took out the box from my shelf, and took out all the necklaces, opened the hatch at the bottom, and took out the blades. I cut my arms, around 15 times on each arm. It started stinging a little, and I went a little dizzy. Niall burst in through the door, "Fuck (Y/N)" he took a towel from my ensuite and ...

Hazzabearcuddles Hazzabearcuddles Feb 24, 2017
Aye that's the name of the first story i read when i first joined this app..