Perilous ! ( A Jason McCann Love Story ) Completed

Perilous ! ( A Jason McCann Love Story ) Completed

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Tezney Epicoco✓ By TezneyEpicoco Completed

They always say , great minds think alike or you'll fall in love with your soul mate . I can tell you now that's a load of bullshit . I have fallen in love with someone who is the complete opposite to me . He doesn't know it , he doesn't even care . Does he ? But he's bad . He's so bad . Bad isn't even the word . He's P E R I L O U S and your dumb to mistake it . I can't even remember what happened before i met him , i just remember waking up in his arms . I made a bet , to see how long i could stay with him . Sound childish ? Well i'm a fool for him and worst of all he knows it . Best prove him wrong , that i'm staying by his side for a while . Weather he likes it or not . I annoy him ! I know i get under that evil skin of his but it was his choice to have saved my life that day . 

'She Has No Idea What She's In For' - Jason McCan


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~* Cast List  *~ 

Justin Bieber  as  Jason McCan

Lily Collins  as  Ashton Collins

Robert Sheehan  as  Freddi Hensen

Cameron Gigandet  as  Charlie McCan 

Zach Roerig  as  Trey Doltin

Taylor Lautner  as  Mason Gonzalez 

Booboo Stewart  as  Kane Sanchez

Colin Ford  as  Seb Harris

Logan Lerman  as  Riley Bates

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To be honest I would beg him to rape me too.... I feel like I explained that wrong
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I would be taking a selfie when my school would be on fire lol
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Me when I buy my friend food but she doesn't buy me food... 
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what a  swaggy picture of Juss xxxxx love this chapter hehe cant  stop laughiing xxx