We Were Destined To Meet [Attack on Titan: Ereri / Riren] DISCONTINUED

We Were Destined To Meet [Attack on Titan: Ereri / Riren] DISCONTINUED

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Tammy By Aoi_Demon Updated May 23, 2016

Levi Ackerman is the son of the man who owns the entire island of Maria, and he himself owns another part of another island. He is rich and he knows it. 

One day, Levi's mother is walking on the beach when she finds a young boy washed up on the sand. She brings him back to the mansion where they all live, and she tries to nurse him back to health. During the time the boy stays at the mansion, everyone grows very fond of Eren, who has a bright smile and a cheerful personality. 

Eren Jaegar, the young boy, turns out to have lost his memory, but even so, Levi begins to feel very attracted to the younger. 

Perhaps these feelings will turn into love?

I don't own anything, and this is a discontinued book.

KitsuneMiku- KitsuneMiku- Feb 10, 2016
hehe looks interesting!! XD 'tall' i was like wait is this Levi we're talking about?
INeedCoffeeHelpMe INeedCoffeeHelpMe Jun 15, 2016
Dat moment when your face was created from the drawing skills of a toddler...
JaegerBomb420 JaegerBomb420 May 05, 2016
OMG I'm reading this at school and I just laughed a little and everyone is staring Poor Jean😂😂😂
INeedCoffeeHelpMe INeedCoffeeHelpMe Jun 15, 2016
Before you guys go bat shît crazy, he may be tall for a kid because he is 5'3. But maybe he stopped growing afterwards..
The tall midget boy sat on his baby stool alone... Reading an instruction guide called,' Small Step For Man, 6 Big Steps For Midget Kind'.