Once Was A Nerd Now Is The Badass(#wattys2016)

Once Was A Nerd Now Is The Badass(#wattys2016)

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natalie_dance15 By natalie_dance15 Updated Jul 10, 2017

Carson Eastwood once was the girl everyone made fun of. She was picked on for the typical things being fat,ugly, and a outcast. Even tho she's always done sports she still was picked on. 

    It's now summer time and a month left until school and Carson has had enough and wants a change, but what comes with change? Revenge. She asks her closest friend Thalia for help with her new plan. 

  So what happens when she shows up to school next year with a totally new look? 

  What happens when a new student arrives and just so happens to be a badass but a famous dancer that takes a interest in Carson when he comes across her practicing at the dance studio? 

 Will she give the new bad boy Rider a chance will she let him in?

  What will the school think when she comes back? Will they recognize her?

*Chapters haven't been edited for any mistakes yet so please don't comment on my chapters telling me to fix it. I'll get to it. Thanks

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Chole_Unicorns Chole_Unicorns Dec 27, 2017
I want to politely point out that waste is supposed to be spelled waist. 
                              Btw, love the book so far.
barslovemelody barslovemelody Apr 19, 2016
SuperFandom325 SuperFandom325 Jan 29, 2017
.....???..........lol?..........ur talking and saying lol xD MAAAIII GHAAAAD
theRomanceGeek theRomanceGeek Apr 04, 2016
There's ah......a lot of LOL's in there.......😏😒 well I like the story. I think it's safe to say that I'll need to ship Cars and Rider without knowing him yet? Yup 😉
queenyashy queenyashy Mar 29, 2016
“ I walked into my walkin closet " boring u ppl want this story to be fancy about walkin closets and maybe even a black bens
im_the_only_batman im_the_only_batman Apr 22, 2016
I'm 5'5" and I live with a family that are all 5'9" and up in height 😂😂