different ~jackxpenn/jcpenny

different ~jackxpenn/jcpenny

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fatcat262 By fatcat262 Updated Oct 03, 2015

Jenn POV

Today is the day I get to see my best friends, I hope it not awkward between me and Jack because we haven't talked since new years. We both decide to keep it as a friendly Kiss

I was snapped out of thought when Andrea called me

"JENN LETS GO" Andrea yells

"Okay give me a second" I replied

I run out the apartment. Get into Andrea Car and we start to drive

As we were driving I spaced out into thought about the kiss and I smiled at the moment

"Jenn??" Andrea said

"Wait what" I said

"Why are you smiling" Andrea asked

"Umm, A girl can't smile". I quickly reply

Andrea gives me a strange look as we pull into the driveway

Andrea knocked on the door and a couple seconds later Kian answered

He gave Andrea a peck on her lips 

"Hey Jenny" kian said

"Hi" I reply

We heard someone yell from up stairs

"Kian who's here" 

"Andrea and Jenn" kian said

We could hear someone running downstairs I turn around and see

Andrew we hugged. We talked a little then I asked him

"Where is...