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Truth || A SkyDoesMinecraft FanFic ||

Truth || A SkyDoesMinecraft FanFic ||

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pink 👑 By sylveonkeyth Updated Apr 24, 2016

How did the all-powerful Sky Army start? Why does the Squids' always want to kill the Sky Army, a grudge or something deeper? What was Sky's past like? Why does he where those sunglasses all the time? How did he meet Ty, Jason, and others? 

  This is the truth. The story of Sky himself, and what his life was like as he grew up. But no matter what happens, we all still love him as the guy he is now.

Dawn_The_Mochi Dawn_The_Mochi Nov 30, 2016
Like, the whole eye...? Because that always confuses me, if it's the whole eye or of its just the color of the iris...
Kiritogaming2244 Kiritogaming2244 Mar 25, 2016
It's rude to judge people because their different. I've meant a person with a blue, and yellow eye, and I thought it was cool!
oblivionrain oblivionrain Dec 09, 2016
I met a person with an electric blue right eye and a sea green left eye, I thought it was so fricking cool!!!
TheDarkWoolf TheDarkWoolf Mar 12, 2016
I be been called a demon by most of my school before, heck a group of people tried to perform an exorcism on me
randombushgirl randombushgirl Nov 06, 2015
the one theory that almost all Sky Army recruits have come to!
                              Sky and Squid were once friends
Max_Edge Max_Edge Sep 11, 2015
I wonder what Squid's dad does... the story's world seems interesting! So much to explore and discover...