In naruto as a fox... What?

In naruto as a fox... What?

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linseysodapop By linseysodapop Updated Jul 03, 2016

Hello my name is yuki kitsune meaning snow fox. Let me give you the short story, I was late home, don't ask why I don't know but I was, happens all the time. Sometimes I feel like kakashi, one of my favorite characters on a anime called naruto, best show EVER!!!!!

So I'm running home and it starts to rain... RAIN JUST MY LUCK. So I just so happen to slip and hit my head pretty hard and was out like a light and just so happen to wake up in.... What for it........ NARUTO AHHHHHHHHHHH (<--fangirl moment )

What is going to happen on yuki's adventure and who will she meet and will she find love? Only when you read will you find out!!!! See you in the book, peace out

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