"Little Girl" - lrh | #Wattys2016

"Little Girl" - lrh | #Wattys2016

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"why do you let her call you that?"

"why wouldn't i have my little girl call me daddy?"


in which a young man has always been a father to his best friend.

Started: September 14, 2015

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Lmao. Somebodys gotta admit thats not okay xD. But...this makes me wanna read more.
evannpeters evannpeters Nov 19
ok thats loads but lets be honest thats literally gonna buy her at the most two jumpers from topshop tbh
@SupaSher I'm 6'3" and none of my family is taller than 5'11 so yeah
I can't even remember my own birthday, never mind other people's.
"Hey mom. Hey dad. When did this end? When did you lose your happiness? I'm here alone inside of this broken home."
lukessound lukessound Nov 06
she's gonna need to go to church after all the naughty ish they do