Relax, Darling •Kol Mikaelson•

Relax, Darling •Kol Mikaelson•

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•Dead•Silence•Baby• By WhisperBxtch Updated Jan 14, 2016

"Why aren't you running?" He asks, my back still turned to him.
"Because, you don't scare me" I respond, finally facing him. I see him analyzing me, studying my face.
"You're not even nervous darling." He says, taking a few steps forward. I stay where I am, not making a move.
Does he think I'm human?
"Don't call me darling." I say.
"Well, I can't call you anything else, can I?" He responds, smirking.
"Anaka. Anaka Salvatore." I say back.
"I'm Kol Mikaelson. Pleasure to meet you darling." He says kissing my hand. I narrow my eyes at him.
"What did I say about calling me darling?" I ask, trying to not sound fazed.
"Relax,darling." He winks.
Anaka Salvatore, ancestor of Damon and Stefan Salvatore, comes back to Mystic Falls, missing her home town. Turned in the 1100's, she's a very strong vampire...or is she more than a vampire? Once arriving to the little town, she wasn't expecting family...or sacrifices, or doppelgängers, or even... Love? 

With a certain Mikaelson perhaps?

//Takes place when all the Mikaelsons are brought back(Season 3)//

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