In Love With An Old Friend(Tomoe x Reader)

In Love With An Old Friend(Tomoe x Reader)

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Neko_Cake By Neko_Cake Updated Jun 17

I sit in front of my old friend Mikage.The only thing separating us is the old spruce wood coffee table.

I stare at the beautiful tea set that lays in front of me.All of the tea set is a light blue but the handle is white.I raise my cup to my lips and smell the beautiful fragrance. I take a sip of the beautiful orange tea.

I take a quick glance at mikage.I set my light blue cup on the spruce wood table with elegance.I look at him and finally ask what I need to know.

"Why have you called me mikage" I say as my silky voice gets his attention away from his tea.

"Well do you remember when a wild fox yokai was terrorising villages" He says as he looks at me therough his glasses.

"Yes how can I forget all the bloodshed of all those innocent people" I say as I look at him with my (e/c) color.

"Well you see I have found that same yokai and made him my familiar" he finishes

I stare at him my eyes filled with shock.I finally recompose myself.

"You have?Has he caused you any trouble?" 


I know right this are huge * grabs melons from the table * would you like to eat one
Yeah! I just took them. Out from my garden! Feel free to take A look on my Melon Garden!
Inga-chan Inga-chan Jun 17
My brother thought of actual water melons I laughed and I'm only 12 and he's 15
How would she know it was one of her best smiles....? *GASP* MAGIC!!
I remember the little episode that's isn't an episode you know (forgot how it's called) where Mizuki, Tomoe and Kurama got drunk and Tomoe transformed into Nanami and I don't know if it was him or Kurama but one of them called breasts melons XD it was super funny
Ayame_Is Ayame_Is Sep 11
*Looks down at self and flat chest*
                              *looks up at Author*
                              You're blind. -_-