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In Love With An Old Friend(Tomoe x Reader)

In Love With An Old Friend(Tomoe x Reader)

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Neko_Cake By Neko_Cake Updated Jun 17, 2016

I sit in front of my old friend Mikage.The only thing separating us is the old spruce wood coffee table.

I stare at the beautiful tea set that lays in front of me.All of the tea set is a light blue but the handle is white.I raise my cup to my lips and smell the beautiful fragrance. I take a sip of the beautiful orange tea.

I take a quick glance at mikage.I set my light blue cup on the spruce wood table with elegance.I look at him and finally ask what I need to know.

"Why have you called me mikage" I say as my silky voice gets his attention away from his tea.

"Well do you remember when a wild fox yokai was terrorising villages" He says as he looks at me therough his glasses.

"Yes how can I forget all the bloodshed of all those innocent people" I say as I look at him with my (e/c) color.

"Well you see I have found that same yokai and made him my familiar" he finishes

I stare at him my eyes filled with shock.I finally recompose myself.

"You have?Has he caused you any trouble?" 


Whispering_Shadow_ Whispering_Shadow_ Nov 26, 2016
How would she know it was one of her best smiles....? *GASP* MAGIC!!
uzum4k1_uch1h4 uzum4k1_uch1h4 Jul 16, 2016
I remember the little episode that's isn't an episode you know (forgot how it's called) where Mizuki, Tomoe and Kurama got drunk and Tomoe transformed into Nanami and I don't know if it was him or Kurama but one of them called breasts melons XD it was super funny
Ayame_Is Ayame_Is Sep 11, 2016
*Looks down at self and flat chest*
                              *looks up at Author*
                              You're blind. -_-
MissSnowWhitex MissSnowWhitex Aug 09, 2016
When I first read this it mad me chuckle it mad other people in the room look at me weirdly, its was so embarrassing
JamieDelaney3 JamieDelaney3 Jul 16, 2016
For those who think she means food she doesn't she's talking about her chest
liquoronhislipsohmy liquoronhislipsohmy Jul 06, 2016
That moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and a fire of 1,000 warriors light up in your eyes and you suddenly feel so proud of yor body and then you eat everything in your house and go back to reading.