Daphne's First Love

Daphne's First Love

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Madeline88 By Madeline88 Updated Sep 21, 2010

Daphne is a orphan since birth and just out of school. She has a simple job at a flower store and goes home to a bunch of annoying, teenage 'siblings' who also stay at the teen charity house she lives at. She thought her life would completely change when she finally found her father, but it didn't. Neither of them would talk about why he gave her up or where her mother was, so things went back to normal.

That is until Chad came on the scene. She is usually ignored by boys, but this one is pushing past his shyness to form what she thinks will be a serious relationship. Little does he know she has never dated or been in love before.

Still with questions about her true parents spinning around in her head, she gives Chad her number, putting her heart on the line.  Will he just play around with it and break it, or is he looking for something as serious as Daphne?

Madeline88 Madeline88 Jan 27, 2011
thanks so much! I'm glad, thats just how you're meant to feel about the characters lol
Nelroy_4321 Nelroy_4321 Jan 13, 2011
I really like your story even tho it's only the first part hehe... But Chads adorable and Scotts hilarious! Haha great job! ;)