Falling for a gang leader (editing)

Falling for a gang leader (editing)

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Chloe Williams is 18 a shy and happy girl shes going into senior year of high school  she's exited and anxious at the same time. She has a normal life well as normal as it can be. She has 2 best friends named Brandon and Brianna. They help her and had always been there for her. 

Shadow Winters is a gang leader. He's never believed in love until he forces Chloe Williams to move in with him. 

Will Chloe fall for the bad boy gang leader?
Or will she break his heart and never look back?

This book needs to be heavily edited read at your own risk


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Book: apart of a gang leader series can be read as a stand alone book.

Omg my name is Chloe Williams, I like to think I'm funny haha and I know I'm shy. I'm 17 but 18 in August!! I'm not girly but I'm not a tomboy haha
I'm biracial so I could care less, but it bothers me a bit that people have a problem with stories having the main character white. So what? That's your fault for reading the story. There are plenty of stories that have black girls as the main characters... You just have to know where to look.
hauntcbdead hauntcbdead Apr 01
Am i the only one who thinks of sonic/shadow the hedgehog when the name of a main is shadow? Yes ok
I swear I just read another book with a gangleader named Shadow Winters😂
She is literally goals. If I could I would steal your hair. And her skin is so flawless and I'm jealous. She's so pretty
That's my routine man get up hella early but end up getting up actually late from checking everything