My Brother's Bestfriend

My Brother's Bestfriend

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Tiana P.O.V
Wassup yall my name is Tiana Marie Porter. I have a brother name Trayvon Deshawn Porter. He's 17, and im 16. I turn 17 in June. My friends call me Tia or T. I have two Bestfriends name Krystal & Skyler. My dad call me Marie after my mom. My mom died in a car accident wen i was 7, my dad have a girlfriend name Airyanna. She real cool , sweet, but irritating. But enough bout me.

"Tia get up! We have school in 30 minutes."My brother Tray yelled

"Ite, now get out my room." I yelled back

When i heard my door close, thats when i got up. Todays is the last day before summer break. Im happy asl, them teachers be irra asf. I got up and dod my hygiene and got dressed. My phone started to ring. I walked out my bathroom, and seen it was my bestie Krystal.

*Phone Convo* T~Tiana K~Krystal
T-Hey Wassup Hello

K-Its Yo Bestfriend Bitch Dont Act Like You Aint Know

(We started laughing)

K-Wen u get to school meet me n skyler in our regular spot 

T-Ite Boo
*Convo Over*
Before I went do...

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theyylovenia theyylovenia Apr 28, 2017
What? Everybody knows that you fight on the last day of schoozl
What da hell😂😂😂😂😂😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
crzy_savage crzy_savage May 04
I though malachie was trayvons girl but then sky was like the boys came over then I was just like what then I caught on I'm slow as fuch
niyaaahniyaaah niyaaahniyaaah Jan 23, 2017
It's this girl name that at my school a d she be yelling at my lil sister like I won't hit her in her mouth and slice her tongue off