5sos smuts

5sos smuts

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You and michael have been friends for about a year and you always had a thing for michael but didn't say anything. Everyone saw that you liked each other but thought you guys would have figured it out by now.

Today was his birthday and you had a small party with just you and the boys. After you guy were done with your cake you grabbed all the plates and but them in the sink. You came but to michael looking for a movie to watch.
"Mike were did the boys go?"
"Oh they went to Luke's for the night." 
"Ok what do u want to do then?"
"Watch a movie. What movie do you wanna watch?"
"It's your birthday" he rolled his eyes a picked a movie.  You back was getting sore from sitting you so you laid you head on michaels lap. He looked down at you and started to play with your hair.

The movie was coming to the end and you sat up and looked at michael who was staring at you. 
"You were staring staring"
"Oh uh sorry" he looked down and blushed ...

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