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“ I'm the girl who broke poor Liam Paynes heart. ” 
    juda seemed to have it all. a great education, a warm family, and Liam Payne. now, she was finally getting married. but when a second guess causes a tragedy that may not be able to be undone, the people she loves are left questioning her motives. but how can she answer them when she doesn't even know herself?
    ( hi reader, I'm changing everything in this story so if you're a re reader, keep in mind that this is nothing like it was.)
I already finished the story but I want to read it again and again omg this stotry is very amazayn and fabulouis!!!!
U does it seam like this is a different girl from the last story.  What happend to the other one
Where did you find the cover for your story I don't write or want to use it but I really like her dress and was just wondering ? Please and thank you also I understand If you don't :) Xoxo Lexie
Hi directioners :) I'd really appreciate it if you guys could read my new story "the consequences of being beautiful" it'd mean alot :D thanks c:
Omg. Update. Now. Like seriously. Omg. Wut. This is so good. Gahhh.
this is such an interesting idea, i haven't seen something like this! keep writing :)