The Alpha's Human Mate

The Alpha's Human Mate

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hunts By actuallmermaid Updated Jun 29

I walked out of the bathroom, not seeing Drew. Suddenly I was grabbed and pushed up against a wall. Drew's intoxicating smell captured me making me oozy. His warm lips were dangerously close to my ear when I heard him whisper "Don't play games with a wolf."


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cpishot cpishot Jun 19
I’m pretty sure I’m 5’3 - 5’4. Last time I checked it was in those ranges.
diligitis_ diligitis_ Dec 18, 2017
Ooooooohh be careful because you're future husband is there.
cupcakecandle67 cupcakecandle67 Nov 08, 2016
Oh fudge another werewolf story... love it... very very much..
athena59c athena59c Aug 20
I like this because he didn’t react crazily possessive right away. He acted like a normal human being so he wouldn’t scare the girl away.
riseofpie riseofpie Sep 24
Really random thought but I just realized that you can tell a lot about a character from if they take an offered hand or not