Unbroken, Betrayed, and Chosen

Unbroken, Betrayed, and Chosen

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{Formerly A Warrior's Rejection}

In a world of predominantly male leaders, the Ivy Eclipse pack is home to a rare case, a female warrior so powerful she became the Gamma. 

 Aris Titania Desdemona, Gamma of the Ivy Eclipse pack, a young woman with no desire to become someone's submissive mate. 

When her pack decides to ally with the largest pack in North America, Aris is to accompany her Alpha, Luna, and Beta to a dinner where she discovers something shocking. 

Her mate. 

Appalled by the very sight of him, but unable to reject him, Aris has no choice but to run away. 

Determined to leave her life, pack, and mate behind, Aris sets back everything she knew and cared about; only to get yanked back into her harsh reality when she discovers her mate wants her back, and he's willing to kill for her. 

What will Aris do when faced with the decision that might mean going back to her mate or watching her friends die? 

**Completed 6/26/16**

alexandra4560 alexandra4560 Oct 04, 2016
I was so close to crying!! This is a very good first chapter!!
-indieqveen- -indieqveen- Dec 18, 2016
Haven't read a werewolf story in a long time, but this is GOOD so far. I'm not usually in to blood and gore but for some reason I can picture this in my head as an anime or something and it's good.
makaykayla_ makaykayla_ Oct 11, 2015
My title would be more like:
                              "Makayla (insert last name), daughter of her parents, sister of her brothers, and cousin of her cousins. The end."
makaykayla_ makaykayla_ Oct 11, 2015
                              THATS A PLEASANT IMAGE
                              ILL JUST GO CRINGE OVER HERE NOW, DONT MIND ME
makaykayla_ makaykayla_ Oct 11, 2015
I'm probably going to say this a lot but wow I love that this isn't a cliche werewolf story
makaykayla_ makaykayla_ Oct 11, 2015
Wow I wish I looked like a model *sigh* 
                              I suppose I'll just have to turn into a werewolf now *shrugs*