The Babysiting Project [ : editing : ]

The Babysiting Project [ : editing : ]

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aly m. yang By alymxy Completed

It was the start of beautiful Saturday morning. Bright sunshine, clear, blue skies, what could possibly happen?
I'll tell you what could happen.
Your pathetic excuse of a friend, Oikawa Tooru banging away at your door, in his arms .... a child? Wait, what??
Oh joy .

Short story for Oikawa ^.^

Oikawa x Reader

RoseRain4 RoseRain4 Nov 16
Me: I don't want to babysit no snotty brat!
                              "Tobio. Kageyama Tobio"
                              Me: COME TO MY ARMS MY LOVE! You can call me mommy!
assikawas assikawas 2 days ago
*after reading this note*
                              *accidentally burn the house*
RoseRain4 RoseRain4 Nov 16
Come on Oikawa, Tobio doesn't even know there is a battle going on between you both Lmao don't drag the kid to your one sided war.
                                          SMOL BABY CROW
__Thugisa__ __Thugisa__ Nov 14
...flattery will get you no where now come in beloved child and let me spoil you. ^~^
Iciel30 Iciel30 Nov 30
I say don't follow the rules. There is no fun if you don't break it and they won't even know it except if you burned the house down.