✔ | CHASING CARS   t. hiddleston

✔ | CHASING CARS t. hiddleston

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METAHUMAN By -wolfsbanes Completed

Her phone buzzed over the bedside table announcing the call that would last three hours at least. Friends since forever. Nicole had always studied in a school for girls and Tom in a school for boys. They hadn't seen each other in ages either. They used to talk on the phone, but it wasn't the same, so, due their situation, they decided and agreed that the only contact they'd have, would be the phone calls and it'd be fun to surprise themselves with puberty when they finally met again. And, that day came, they went to Pembroke College together. Friends since forever, and that one innocent kiss for a play, changed everything.

-wolfsbanes © 2015

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Jdogspal Jdogspal Feb 07, 2016
So sweet!  Reminds me of my own playmate who was the little boy my age that lived next door and of my own child's play and friends.  So fresh and innocent and just about planning the next time to be together . . .
Wandering_Bard Wandering_Bard Feb 08, 2016
This is the adorable epitome of childhood, where age and gender matter not, only the next playtime and the new game that they created together.
iriswestts iriswestts Jan 17, 2016
Is this Thomas Frigging Hiddleston as a little kid?!  CONGRATULATIONS, I LOVE THIS BOOK ALREADY! There are not too many TWH fanfics where we see him as a kid. Thank you for that :)
jmhay134 jmhay134 Jan 08, 2016
This is the cutest thing oh my goodness 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
atracyxo atracyxo Nov 15, 2015
Thank you for the dedication! Just added it to my library! Excited to read it(:
lucygotapen lucygotapen Nov 15, 2015
Liz! Thank you for the dedication. It means the entire universe! I love you and I love your work. Keep it up, girl! I'll be here, supporting you all along the way.