Try ❥ Twilight Fanfiction [Complete]

Try ❥ Twilight Fanfiction [Complete]

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Bella; a hard working woman who's struggling to make ends meet with her college savings account for her step-sister, her mother's chemotherapy treatments, her father's coma life support bills, trying to piece together the disappearance of her step-father, and help raise her 12 year old step-sister who often finds herself home alone.

Edward is leading the good life, surrounded by family, friends, and a job he loves (despite nosy reporters trying to clue in on his life) things couldn't seem to be better for him. The possibility of a family, having children and a companion is in the distant future, but let's live in the present, shall we?

These two meet when Bella accidentally sends Edward the wrong email, conveying her personal information about her mother, step-father, and step-sister.

What might seem to be the friendly attraction might turn into something more as these two grow closer together.

[Cover by : @InsaneLion]

Disclaimer : I don't own Twilight, any concerns regarding credit and/or ownership go to Stephanie Meyer