Disney Dream High

Disney Dream High

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lazy_marshmallow By That-Mouse Updated Jul 24, 2016

I get up from bed and see its 6:30 am.I was going to go back to sleep but then an idea came to mind.I smiled evily and got up ,made my bed,took a shower ,got dresed,and brushed my teeth.I look over to my alarm clock and see its 7:25.I go to my closet grab a white sheet wich I put on top of me.

Then I quietly go to my sisters room.All I hear is the creaking of the wooden floor below my feet and of course my sister's snoring,I swear her snores can be heard all the way to my friends house wich is 4 houses away from us. Anyways, I positioned myself like I was going to come out of her closet.

Once her alarm sounded she groaned and turned it off while saying,"five more minutes....".I took that as my signal and ran from the closet jumping on top of her bed and running to my room.As I'm running to my room I hear her scream, "Elsa!!!!!! Get back here!!!!!". 

I just laugh,take off my 'costume' and scream back to her ," Anna that's what you get for 'borrowing' MY chocolate bars".

I go to my b...