Loving You

Loving You

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S. Mᴀʀ By foreverpurple1000 Updated Aug 12, 2017

❝ Daisy West knows nothing about love other than the fact that failed relationships seem to be hereditary in her family. After watching her parents marriage fail only to go through her own rough break-up with Nathaniel, a boy who walked all over her heart, Daisy's had enough. She's tired of always being the one to come back begging for Nathaniel to take her back. Love isn't for people like her. It only takes one night of spin-the-bottle and one stubborn boy with a knack for getting under her skin to change her mind.

	Declan Meyer knows nothing about love other than the fact that his father left ten years ago for a younger woman. As Team captain for the basketball team, Declan doesn't have the time for a love life--not after a nasty breakup with his ex girlfriend Taylor. Despite that  though Declan can't get his mind off of Daisy West. Declan knows loving his best friend's little sister is a recipe for disaster, but feelings are hard to curb and he can't help but hope for a love different from his parents.

	Daisy's older brother made it clear that she's off limits, so why is Declan having such a hard time obeying the rules? In the end, what's more important to him? Love or his friendship?

	Daisy and Declan have witnessed first hand the path of destruction love leaves. Regardless of that though, can two people clueless people fall in love?❞

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PhangirlBean PhangirlBean Nov 24, 2017
skittleezz skittleezz Nov 14, 2017
Damn throwWAYback. I used to be a die-hard swiftie yo. Me n my bf knew every word to every song. This is definitely one of my favorites from old Taylor
ellaphant_ ellaphant_ Jun 26, 2016
Honestly one of her best, most timeless songs . It just pulls you in every time and it's so good just ugh the feels
rregularss rregularss Mar 01, 2016
Honestly I'm a really passionate person. But I can hide my emotions very well
oristhisjustfantasy oristhisjustfantasy Jan 09, 2017
PSA: don't date a family member's best friend. It's really shitty to do to that family member, especially if said best friend is the ONLY friend of said family member
amy-eileen amy-eileen Jan 04, 2016
really looking forward to reading this! the synopsis was amazing, I can tell I'm going to love it already