The Shy Incubus.(boyxboy)

The Shy Incubus.(boyxboy)

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The God Of The Lost Ones By Mr-Lemon Updated Sep 21, 2016

Charlie Sullivan is the 10th generation of Incubi, his family are the powerful and beautiful Sexual Clan. His mother is a Succubus, his father a Incubi and his siblings are one of each.

They are granted with out of this world beauty. For they are the creatures of pleasure.

But since when was a creature of pleasure and sexuality... Shy?

Charlie is the first incubus in the world to be shy of his powers and sex! 

18 and still a virgin is unheard of in the pleasure community. But maybe moving to a new school will change him.

Maybe a certain Alpha werewolf will change him...

But how will the incredibly possessive and jealous wolf put up with his ethereal beautiful mate who oozes sex? And can an incubus and werewolf be together when it goes against their nature?

(Mpreg/ boyxboy/ girxgirl)

fxntyy fxntyy Jun 03, 2016
I play the piano. It's not a string instrument but I felt like I had to pitch in.
_Seiliah_ _Seiliah_ Dec 22, 2015
I noticed in the last chapters you kinda keep switching P.o.v
JohnnyKayA JohnnyKayA Dec 08, 2015
Finally, originality. Yaoi is my guilty pleasure and it's so hard to find a story without those same old clichés. You managed it so... Congratulations.
DeedsReads DeedsReads Dec 02, 2015
Love that his dad says he's proud even though he's not like them.
AnimeFreak7765 AnimeFreak7765 Nov 25, 2015
Dayum I feel so sorry for Charlie.....
                              Watch out for sluts who might have an STD as well as the jocks! XD
Caged_Nightmares Caged_Nightmares Oct 26, 2015
There doesn't need to be dot at the end of every time they speak.