An Evil Love Story (A Carlos De Vil/Disney Descendants fanfic)

An Evil Love Story (A Carlos De Vil/Disney Descendants fanfic)

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"He is evil!" 

"Maybe not." 

"What do you mean he's a thief!" 

"Yeah, he has stollen my heart." I say under my breath. "So why would it matter if he was evil, maybe he is trying to change." 

"I heard that, and people are not capable of change. A I'm sorry I have to be the one to tell you this, but you are going to get your heart broken, he is not good, your too trusting." 

Is he evil? No. He isn't, he just doesn't know what it's like to be good. But he did steal something, my heart, and he won't be giving it back whole, if I do ever get it back it will be in a million pieces.

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Carlos, just be nice and be yourself and she will like you. And if she doesn't like you, there are a lot of girls who what you!!
jazzyjazz45 jazzyjazz45 Oct 09
Any body else was like big paragraph heak no not reading it I already know what is going to happen
My high school uniforms suck! But at least I'm graduating next year.. they are thick 😐😑
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Just to brake the chain of comments doesn't she look like Calypso?
Sword_of_Somar Sword_of_Somar Jun 08, 2016
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