The Pack And Sidemen Oneshots

The Pack And Sidemen Oneshots

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Dizzy By WolfieWP Completed

*Y/n's pov*
I was hanging with my best friend Preston. People always think that we're dating and I wish that. But sadly Preston has a girlfriend. 

"Hey Y/n are you ok you seem a bit sad." Preston said. 

"Im fine just think about something." I responded

We continued walking in the park and then Preston saw something that broke his heart. 

"Is t-that Zoey?! (Sorry if that your name)" He said trying to hold back tears. 

I looked over a the direction that Preston was looking at. It was Zoey and one of Preston's friends kissing. 

"Wait is that.... Mitch!?" I said trying to get Preston attention. 

I looked a bit more closely and it was Mitch. They both looked over and saw me staring at them. Mitch walked over to us. 

"Umm... Hey guys." Mitch said scathing the back of his head. 

"Go. Away. Mitchell." I said using his full name. 

"Hey don't call me that." He said. 

"What were you doing with my girlfriend?" Preston said calming down. 

"Wait WHAT! Zoey said that she was single!" Mitc...

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I'm trying so hard not to laugh its midnight and everyone is asleep😂😂😂
AnimeRulesFTSEID-0 AnimeRulesFTSEID-0 Jul 08, 2017
Meh name is
Cottoncandy10121 Cottoncandy10121 Oct 28, 2017
I like how they don’t respond to IM HOME but they respond to HE HAS A HOT SISTER (boys these days)
MinterIsMahKid MinterIsMahKid Dec 28, 2016
                              BAT MAN!
Kieshartz Kieshartz Feb 25, 2017
Vikk wtf you do take everything to srsly even for you little sister and love at first sight strikes for the 23rd time!
hopelxss-romxntic hopelxss-romxntic Dec 28, 2016
Listen here,
                              Yes I thought it was Simon I can't help mehself