The Gang leader wants me..

The Gang leader wants me..

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Aimry & Kyler By we_dem_girlz455 Updated Apr 27

Cassie's POV

"Aye mom I'm leaving" I yelled at the door way waiting for a response. "Mom...I'm leaving" I yell once more 

"I dont care!!" She yells. I roll my eyes and turn around letting the hot summer rays hit me .

Damn its hot as fuck outside.

Im meeting my friends up at our secrect hide out in the woods. I know it sounds childish but hey I'm 17 live while I'm still young. 

I start heading down the ally way when someone throws a beer bottle at the wall. 

"What the fuc-" I yell. shit... Its Cory.. I owe him so much money. I don't know if I should run or not. 

"Don't even think about it" he said annoyed reading my thoughts "listen I give you the drugs and then you pay! Cassie! Thats how it works so wheres my fucking money!!" 

"I'm working on it Cory" I say getting annoyed "now back the fuck up and stop screaming in my ear!!" I yelled 

I heard chuckling behind Cory I look over his shoulder and there's the gang how could I not see that there's like 20? 

Ok. Now I should run. 

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