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The Nation's Maid?! {Hetalia x Reader}

The Nation's Maid?! {Hetalia x Reader}

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Melody By Melodii-Chan Updated Dec 27, 2016

This is my first reader insert story! Also my first fanfic! And it's Hetalia! I hope you enjoy!

The story of a simple Hetalian who became a maid for the Hetalia characters. 

Y/N has been kicked out of her house. Forced to find a job she sets off into the rainy darkness. Only to be found by a few countries who she will be working for as, as a maid!


"How long will I be a maid?" you questioned. "And for who?"

"For six months. Then you may leave. Your master will be each of us." they said in unison.

"WHAT?! I appreciate it but it kinda sounds weird."

They all blushed except for America and Italy.

 "What do you mean? You get to live with me dudette! The hero!"

"It's just that isn't it weird for a girl to live with a man they hardly know. Not just a man. Men. Sure I know loads because from anime but you don't know me. It also sounds like S&M."

"Doitsu you're into that aren't you? Ve~" the cheerful innocent Italian failed to see the blonde man's blush.


I arranged the cover {does that make sense?} but any pictures used are not mine. Any pictures or videos put in the media are also not mine. Hetalia is not mine. Y/N is not mine. I only own most of the plot here and my imagination. Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy my book.

                              SI SIDESSEN UN WIR SE DE YAEGAR!!!!
me: No ur npt christene
                              Christne: Wait wut
                              ME; Ur and ice element
Chiko_Riggs Chiko_Riggs Apr 02
Can I just....
                              *plays song* 
                              Let the body's hit the floor!
Chiko_Riggs Chiko_Riggs Apr 02
That feel when you realize your whole life was a dream and your finally awake....and your in an anime~<3
D-Did he just--
                              OH HE DID! OH YOU LITTLE--
                              HES TALKING ABOUT BOKU NO PICO 😂😂
I read this and I get so flustered like I roll around I'm just squealing